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Donald Sterling Proves Me Right

Originally, my plan was to completely ignore the Donald Sterling fiasco.  I considered this to be another non-story, hyped up by a bunch of sports “journalists” envious of their friends who work in “real” news.  To me, “old man continues … Continue reading

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“Anti-Discrimination” Laws Are Jim Crow Laws

As a follow-up to Friday’s post regarding the anti-freedom consequences of gay marriage legislation, I wanted to make this analogy and state, for the record, my complete and total opposition to any violations (either positive or negative) to the freedom … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Already Resulting In Less Freedom

Florist sued for refusing service to gay couple | Local & Regional | KEPR CBS 19 – News, Weather and Sports – Pasco, WA. One of the primary objections to gay marriage from social conservatives has long been that, once … Continue reading

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