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The Best Book on the Soviet Union I’ve Ever Read

Behind the Urals – John Scott Typically when I read a book that is relevant to the interests of this blog, I simply write a brief mini-review in the “Reading List” section and call it a day.  But this book … Continue reading

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Ignorance As Protest

I’ve had a few people ask me what I think of the situation in Ukraine.  I’ve read a few articles discussing the “libertarian perspective” on Crimea.  But I haven’t said much about these issues myself, because I honestly just don’t … Continue reading

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“Sochi Problems” Are Government Problems

The Winter Olympics came and went, as the world’s best skiers and skaters (yeah, the entire winter Olympics is based on those two unpopular sports, but we try not to talk about that in order to be polite) descended upon … Continue reading

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