Statists Beg For Fewer Rights

Before you accuse me of engaging in some hyperbole here, keep in mind the title of this laughable article in Time Magazine’s “Swampland” Blog by Michael Grunwald is literally “Tread On Me.”  This man is absolutely convinced that not only did the oppressive police state lead to the capture of the Boston bombers, but that much more police state would prevent such occurrences from ever happening in the future.  He absolutely shamelessly ties together the Boston bombings, the Newtown shootings, and the West Texas explosion with 100% conviction that if only we had more government, all three would have undoubtedly been prevented.

Fortunately, I don’t have to spend much time refuting this non-sensical propaganda, because Falguni Sheth and Robert Prasch already did so in Salon.  This article is a pretty complete and well executed take-down of the myth of the police state.  It walks you through a logical progression that ends in the simple determination that all of the anti-freedom measures taken by the state over the last decade have not done much of anything to improve our safety.

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