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The Judge Offers the GOP Some Terrible Advice

Judge Napolitano went on Varney and Company this morning to address the upcoming amnesty compromise, and coherently made the case for the libertarian argument against immigration control.  He also encouraged the Republicans to hop on board the amnesty bandwagon in … Continue reading

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Thought Controllers Wrong Again / Is Being Overweight Actually Healthy?

A few extra pounds may be healthy I came across this story while browsing Google News.  It wasn’t at the top of the page under “Top Stores,” or in the “Editor’s Picks.”  It also wasn’t featured in the “Spotlight” or … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Cliff: A Democrat’s Dream

Sometimes You Should Look Up the Numbers, Fiscal “Cliff” Edition Bob Murphy crunches the numbers on the “fiscal cliff” and the result is rather shocking.  I can’t say I’m surprised this is the case, but I’m surprised at the enormity … Continue reading

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Giving Anarchy A Bad Name

So, I recently finished a book called “Work” by a group that calls itself “Crimethinc.”  They fancy themselves an “ex-workers collective” and often refer to themselves as anarchists.  I will not be adding this book to the reading list page, … Continue reading

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Small Business Saturday, Big Business EVERY Day

In case you haven’t heard, today is “small business Saturday,” a day in which Americans are encouraged to buy from “small” and “local” businesses.  The marketing blitz for this thing is pretty extensive.  I’ve personally seen advertisements on television and … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of a Propagandist

So, this video has been making the rounds lately, apparently as evidence of how stupid conservatives are or something.  “Look at this dumb old lady, she thinks Obama is a Communist, WHAT AN IDIOT!” But I think the real star … Continue reading

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