Inside the Mind of a Propagandist

So, this video has been making the rounds lately, apparently as evidence of how stupid conservatives are or something.  “Look at this dumb old lady, she thinks Obama is a Communist, WHAT AN IDIOT!”

But I think the real star of this film is state-sponsored propagandist, Chris Matthews.  As you watch this video, look at what he does here, as it’s rather interesting.  He starts off interviewing some random baby-boomer parasite who is supporting Obama.  This woman has worked all her life and has a lot of kids, which apparently makes her entitled to unlimited free medical care (insert comment about the 47% here).  But then, someone off-camera yells out “He’s a communist!”

You can almost see Chris’ ears perk up.  “Aha!” he thinks.  “Now I’ve got a live one!”  He quickly dismisses the old lady that he was about to sympathize with to go get some proof of how racist those who oppose Obama are.  You see, to Chris, everything is about race.  The only possible reason to disagree with Obama is because you’re a racist (nevermind the fact that Chris himself was once really impressed with Obama’s ability to make him “forget he was black”).

So he asks the lady, “What do you mean by that?”  That seems like a rather odd question to ask if you were an honest journalist, doesn’t it?  Does Chris not know what a communist is?  Or, is it possible that he’s trying to lead the witness.  The lady tells him to “study it out” and scolds him for not having done his homework.  But he’s not satisfied yet.  “What do you mean by Communist?” he asks again.  Once again, is it not a little bit odd that he continues to ask this?  So she correctly challenges him on it, “You don’t know?”  But he won’t answer that.  He won’t correct her, or debate her on what communism actually is.  He just keeps leading her down a certain path.

But she’s not cooperating, so he has to just go for it, and finally, he makes his intentions clear and asks “Is he an American?”  Ahhhh, so THAT’S what he was aiming for all along.  He thinks he’s got a real live birther that he’s going to expose on national TV.  Isn’t that an odd follow-up question to what she means by saying he’s a communist?  Can someone not be both an American and a communist?  By asking that question, Matthews implies that you cannot.  So she answers no.

Now he’s REALLY got a thrill running down his leg.  He’s now completely convinced he has trapped and exposed a birther.  So he asks “What country is he from?”  Obviously this stupid lady is going to say Kenya, right?  Unfortunately for the race-baiting propagandist, she explains her answer more fully, that just because he was born here doesn’t mean he thinks like us.  Now, at this point, Matthews could choose to have an intelligent and reasoned discussion with the woman about whether simply being born on American soil automatically makes someone an American, or whether a certain amount of shared values is necessary.  But of course, he’s not here to have honest discussions.  He’s here to attempt to embarrass conservatives.  So she once again states her position that Obama is a communist, and he quickly aborts the mission and sulks away.

So enjoy this video, focusing on how Matthews makes no attempt at any point to have an honest, intellectual debate.  He doesn’t want to discuss what communism actually is (to him apparently, it is self-evident that Obama is not one and the only reason to call him one is because you’re a racist and MSNBC has already decided that communist and socialist are racial “code-words”).  He doesn’t want to discuss exactly what it means to be “American.”  He just wants to smear and villanize anyone who would dare suggest that Dear Leader isn’t exactly on our side.  This video exposes him for what it is – a paid propagandist completely uninterested in honest debate.


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