The Inevitable Obamacare Statistics Game

I’m very very late on this one.  The idea for this originally came to me a few weeks ago back when Obamacare was still dominating the headlines and many of its supporters and architects were rushing to defend it with the logic of:  “Sure, some people are losing their insurance [despite the fact that Obama said they wouldn’t], but many more people who didn’t have insurance before will now have it thanks to the wonder of Obamacare.”

I’d just like to make an official prediction here.  This will in fact be true.  Well no, not really true as in that it will reflect reality, but it will be true in the sense that the government will produce statistics that will say it is true.

Recall back during the days of the stimulus how much constant bickering back and forth there was over the “job statistics.”  Seemingly every day, the administration would trot out new numbers of “jobs created or saved because of the stimulus” and conservative commentators would tear them apart.  Regardless of which side you took on that, you have to admit that coming up with a figure for jobs “saved” is pretty much guaranteed to be a difficult exercise filled with plenty of subjective judgment calls.

The inevitable Obamacare statistics game will play out in a similar fashion.  Within the next few months, you can bet that they’ll start trotting out the statistics of how many previously uninsured individuals now have insurance, all because of Obamacare.  This is going to be a big number.  It has to be, or they won’t ever release it or publicize it.  Not only does it have to be big, but it has to be bigger than the number of people who lost coverage.

Specifically, I think we’re going to see them actually start to count everyone who just recently lost their insurance because of Obamacare as uninsured, and when these millions of people finally obtain their insurance through the government’s crappy website, they will then be included in the category of “people who didn’t have insurance, but now do, thanks to Obamacare.”  This is obviously misleading and dishonest, but seems to be just technically true enough that Politifact will rate it as absolute truth and smear any conservative who dares to disagree.  In other words, they’ll get away with it.

Just remember when it happens that you heard it first, right here on Dude Where’s My Freedom!

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