Denver Post inexplicably removes word ‘socialist’ from story about CO shooter – Glenn Beck

Denver Post inexplicably removes word ‘socialist’ from story about CO shooter – Glenn Beck.

I don’t normally pay much attention to school shootings.  They just aren’t stories that interest me very much, and I feel like most of the perpetrators are merely seeking attention and that the obsessive media coverage they tend to get ends up giving them exactly what they want.  Personally, I think we should treat mass shootings the same way sporting events treat streakers, by ignoring them, thus minimizing the perceived benefit they get from the action they take.

On the other hand, this story seems pretty damn interesting.  This particular shooting has quite a bit of facts that just don’t fit in with the narrative the media trots out in the usual aftermath of these things.

As a strong supporter of individual rights, I’m not at all in favor of judging people based on their political affiliations.  Please do not mistake this for a suggestion that somehow, the actions of this one kid can be used to judge all socialists.  There are crazy, violent people in every group all across the spectrum.  It’s not the fact that this kid was a socialist that interests me, so much as it is the fact that the media went out of their way to attempt to hide that fact.  The editing on this quote, done AFTER the fact, is pretty damn obvious and transparent.  There’s really only one reason you would bother to do that…

When called on it, their response was even more hilarious.  This particular editor from the Denver Post offers up a standard defense straight out of any political discussion on any comments section of any article whenever someone attempts to call someone else a socialist:  “You don’t even know what it means.”  That’s right, rather than explain how being a socialist isn’t relevant to the story, or explaining why the alleged gunman was NOT in fact a socialist, the editor simply declares that anyone who would label him as such “probably” doesn’t know what it means.  As if it’s just so difficult to understand.  Surely they’d do the same thing if a classmate called him a republican, a tea party member, or a libertarian, right?


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