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States Should Reclaim Their Parks

Some states step in to pay to reopen national parks during shutdown, others balk at price – NY Daily News. This is a nice development, but still falls a little short of the sort of thing I was hoping for.  … Continue reading

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The Promises of Federalist 45

The officially accepted “history of America” as taught in government schools often presents us with information that is not quite entirely accurate, and cannot stand up to some serious scrutiny.  One such example involves the drafting of the constitution.  A … Continue reading

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Statist Senators Cannot Follow Simple Logic

During the Senate hearing on the new (if you haven’t yet suffered under it, it’s new to you!) proposed “assault weapons” ban, Ted Cruz asks a simple question:  Why can the government arbitrarily exclude certain weapons from second amendment protection, … Continue reading

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The UN Refuses To Tolerate Self-Determination

UN: Colo., Wash. legal pot violates drug treaties One of the stated goals of the United Nations at its founding was to encourage democracy and self-determination among the peoples of the world.  But oh how times change…  The UN is … Continue reading

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