Yes Barack, We ARE Going To Have A Problem…

This video is completely mindblowing.  This man is completely and totally out of touch with reality.  There are a LOT of problems here, but let me just mention a few…

Is he actually admitting that his own executive branch is corrupt and tyrannical and that other branches need to step in and restrain him?

Is he implying that somehow the individuals that comprise the other branches of government (the Congress and the Supreme Court) are significantly different and hold significantly different beliefs than the executive branch?

Hasn’t he spent his entire time in office attempting to emasculate, belittle, and generally ensure that the the other branches are as weak as possible and can’t possibly restrain him?

Honestly, I thought I was at the point where nothing surprised me with this guy anymore, but this video is so beyond creepy.  The American government is truly a lost cause.

About Dude Where's My Freedom?

My name's Matt and I love Freedom.
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