Celebrate Scandals Because They Diminish Trust In Government

Good for America.

While I was at the gym the other day, one of the TVs was tuned into Fox News, so I got to listen to some neocon talking head drone on and on about the various scandals the Obama administration is currently caught up in.  His last statement was really the most egregious, he said something like “The worst effect these scandals have is that they diminish the public’s trust in government.  We have to be able to trust our government!”

As you may guess, I couldn’t disagree more!  The fact that these scandals are diminishing trust in government in general is outstanding news!  We don’t “have to be able to trust our government.”  What a ridiculous position for a so-called-conservative to hold.  None of our founding fathers would support such an absurd notion.  Government was to be feared.  It was seen as a necessary evil, and the constitution was written in such a way as to make very clear that we weren’t supposed to trust it at all.  We were supposed to be in constant suspicion of our political leaders, and to assume the worst of them at all times.  Only this continued suspicion and vigilance could keep the people free.

Unfortunately, most people today seem to have no qualms with blindly trusting the government, safe in the outlandish belief that it is filled with bright, hard-working, morally upright individuals who would never dream of committing any corruption, fraud, or violations of our natural rights.  That’s why political scandals are so excellent!  The more evidence we have that politicians (of both parties) are corrupt, the better.  The less the public trusts these psychopaths who want to run our lives, the more likely we are to stand up and refuse to allow them to do so.

Sorry Mr. Fox News Guy, we don’t “need to be able to trust our government.”  On the contrary, what we need is to be regularly reminded that we can’t.  Political scandals are the best possible reminder for the public at large, which is why I celebrate them, regardless of their nature or which party they happen to embarrass at any particular moment.

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