Forbes Roundup

Is it just me, or is Forbes becoming increasingly libertarian these days?  I’ve found three articles all with a pretty pro-liberty slant.

In France’s Welfare Status Quo, Are We Seeing America’s Future?

This article gives some pretty concrete evidence on how welfare removes the incentive to work.  Many people on welfare are better off staying on it then finding a job, even a moderately paying job.  And this isn’t ONLY true in France, our own welfare programs create the same problems.


A Revealing Ad Exposes The Department Of Energy’s Hypocrisy

I have to say, I’ve heard this ad tons of times, and although I always hated it, I never quite made this connection.  The ad does an excellent job of explaining scarcity and tradeoffs… in a way that the government hopes you will never actually believe.


Taxes On “Fatty Foods,” And Their Unintended Consequences

Anytime I hear about “unintended” consequences of government action, I’m always skeptical… that the consequences might have been completely intended.   The part of this article I enjoyed best was how it points out that sin taxes can be touted either as a way to raise revenue or a way to decrease undesirable behavior, but not both.  After all, if taxes on fatty foods cause people to stop eating fatty foods, then nobody will be paying the fatty foods tax and the government will not take in any more money.  Therefore, all these taxes do is allow the government to steal more money from the lower classes.

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