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Europe: More Enlightened Or More Authoritarian?

Despite all its flaws, the United States remains one of the freest nations on the planet.  Given this status, it’s not at all surprising that the progressive left attempts to insult, mock, belittle, and denigrate it at every opportunity, usually … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Shrugs At Rand

  As I’m sure most of you are aware, on Wednesday night, Rand Paul delivered an epic 13-hour filibuster over the Obama administration’s horrifying drone policy.  The fact that the President claims the authority to kill whoever he wants, whenever … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Calls For End To War, Reaffirms Hatred Of Ron Paul

… on the same show. Good luck with that one buddy.  There’s only one non-socialist national politician who has called for an immediate end to all of our foreign wars, and that would be Ron Paul, the same guy whom … Continue reading

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Speech – Where America is still the freeest

Those of us with libertarian tendencies can occasionally become so obsessed with pointing out America’s flaws that we fail to consider the alternative.  Sometimes, we get tunnel-vision on issues of property rights, social liberties, and taxation.  Sometimes, it seems like … Continue reading

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