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Gun Control As Regulatory Capture

Obama ‘best gun salesman’ on Earth: Stock picker We’ve seen this logic invoked before when Obama has talked about gun control, and as a result, gun sales have risen and the share price of gun maker stocks have gone up.  … Continue reading

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Hillary is a Bigger Islamophobe Than Trump

No evidence for Hillary Clinton’s claim that ISIS is using videos of Donald Trump as recruiting tool | PolitiFact How very odd that, for the second time in the public arena, Hillary Clinton has immediately jumped to the conclusion that … Continue reading

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Article Roundup – 6/6/14

Winter Olympics Sports Socialism Goes Out of Fashion in the Free World – Hit & Run : Following the giant embarrassment in Sochi, they’re having a tough time convincing cities to spend tens of millions of dollars to host … Continue reading

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Screw The Rules – I’m A Marine!

Roseburg principal responds to questions about Marine uniform |  KVAL CBS 13. Stories like this annoy the hell out of me.  This type of thing happens every few years, where someone with a military affiliation (the article doesn’t mention whether … Continue reading

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