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Site Update

Friends, readers, communists, lend me your ears (eyes?). As some of you may know, I’m currently going through a career transition that has left me temporarily (we hope) unemployed.  As a result, I have a lot more free time on … Continue reading

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Europe: More Enlightened Or More Authoritarian?

Despite all its flaws, the United States remains one of the freest nations on the planet.  Given this status, it’s not at all surprising that the progressive left attempts to insult, mock, belittle, and denigrate it at every opportunity, usually … Continue reading

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Elections: A Very Poor Substitute For Markets

While debating the merits of my last post, I received plenty of objections, most of which were from people who were just missing the point entirely and therefore not worth responding to.  But I also received one objection that I … Continue reading

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Do We Really Need “Better” Schools?

When debating the merits of privatization with statists, they will often attempt to frame the debate in terms of:  “Explain to me how you can be sure that the private sector will produce better schools/roads/police/military protection than the government does.”  … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Tucker Roundup

Everyone’s favorite bowtie-wearing author/speaker/all-around cool guy always makes for some good reading material, but his output as of late has been just staggering.  He has been absolutely on fire.  All of these articles are absolutely amazing and strong candidates for … Continue reading

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Sliding Down The Slippery Slope Of Gay Marriage

  Gay Couple Set to Sue Church of England Over Refusal to Offer Same-Sex Nuptials | One of the reasons I’ve always been very reluctant to join other libertarians in supporting gay marriage is a deep suspicion that the … Continue reading

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The Government Is Not “The Country” (Neocons Say The Darndest Things)

Ralph Peters on O’Reilly: Schools Teaching Kids That U.S. Government Is Bad | Fox News Insider. This is an… interesting clip from Fox News where a “strategic analyst” (whatever that means) makes a bizarre leap of logic.  He seems to … Continue reading

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