Holmes’ doctor warned police before Colo. movie attack

Holmes’ doctor warned police before Colo. movie attack.

Stories like this bother me.  A lot.

Putting the issue of gun control aside for a moment, the unstated implication here is that the police “should have known” this would happen because they were warned, and that somehow their inaction on this matter led to the mass shootings in Aurora, CO.

I’m just curious, what exactly should the government have done here?  Locked this man away?  Prevented him from purchasing a firearm (established as a constitutional right)?  When he had a clean record and had committed no crime?  All because a psychiatrist said he was a danger?  Do we think psychiatrists are infallible?   Are we really willing to strip away an individual’s constitutionally protected rights solely on the word of one man that he might do something bad at some time in the future?

Is that really the American that you want to live in?

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