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Soda: The Hard Way

It seems that in recent weeks, the news is full of items that appear to be great victories for lovers of freedom.  I previously discussed why Eric Holder’s letter to Rand Paul stating that the President does not have the … Continue reading

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Re: Drone Strikes

Victory!  Rand Paul has delivered us from evil and single-handedly persuaded Eric Holder to denounce his tyrannical ways, admitting that it would not be constitutional for the President to order a drone strike against “an American not engaged in combat … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Media Shrugs At Rand

  As I’m sure most of you are aware, on Wednesday night, Rand Paul delivered an epic 13-hour filibuster over the Obama administration’s horrifying drone policy.  The fact that the President claims the authority to kill whoever he wants, whenever … Continue reading

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The UN Refuses To Tolerate Self-Determination

UN: Colo., Wash. legal pot violates drug treaties One of the stated goals of the United Nations at its founding was to encourage democracy and self-determination among the peoples of the world.  But oh how times change…  The UN is … Continue reading

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How To Argue For Drug Legalization

Previously, in the discussion of why I prefer “hard” arguments to easy ones, drug legalization came up as the example of an easy argument.  Of course, many disagreed, claiming that we should first attempt to achieve gains that are plausibly … Continue reading

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Why I Oppose The “Violence Against Women Act”

For the past few weeks, the statist forces have been essentially dumbfounded by the incredibly meager opposition to the “Violence Against Women Act” by certain members of the GOP.  Response ranged from the typical “war on women” garbage to some … Continue reading

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