Branson Becomes Face of U.K. Health Flap –

Branson Becomes Face of U.K. Health Flap –

Why yes, yes I do.

While America starts running towards socialism, Europe is slowly realizing that it doesn’t work.  This article explains how Britain’s failing National Health Service is turning to millionaire business mogul Richard Branson to help pick up some of the slack.

As you might imagine, the left is absolutely outraged.  Branson is, after all, a businessman who seeks a profit, which is obviously evil.  This is easily confirmed by the fact that his company has instituted evil policies such as extending service hours, offering more flexible walk-in appointments, and showing a previously non-existent interest in customer satisfaction.

My favorite part of this article is actually one of the pictures, where a protester holds up a sign with a picture of Branson saying, “Do you want this man in charge of your health care?”

My answer?  If the alternative is a faceless government bureaucracy, yes, I absolutely do.  Branson, as a successful businessman, has proven over decades that he is able to deliver quality products to consumers at reasonable prices.  He understands concepts such as scarcity, supply and demand, and competition.  These concepts are real restraints on all human activity, and they are restraints that government likes to pretend do not exist.  He is eminently more qualified to provide a critical good like health care to the masses at large than any government ever could be.

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