Evolution or Revolution? Romney isn’t either.

Rand Paul | Romney | The revolution can be evolutionary: An open letter to fans of Ron Paul | The Daily Caller.

This article is typical of the latest assault on Ron Paul supporters coming from neocon and GOP loyalists.  Emboldened by Rand Paul’s recent defection to the Romney camp, they are coming in for the killing blow.  Unfortunately, many Paul supporters, worn out from the months of assault, are starting to crack.  They are starting to waver.  They are starting to consider the benefits of appeasement.

“Evolution not revolution” is what Glenn Beck recently said on his radio show.  Sure, you may be disappointed you can’t get Ron Paul into the White House, but just stick with Mitt Romney and we’ll change things a little at a time.  Incrementally.  It’ll be fine.  After all, he’s right about a lot of things, isn’t he?  He’s not a Communist like Obama, right?  You don’t want another four years of Obama do you?

Let me ask the Glenn Becks of the world.  For what reason should I believe that Mitt Romney represents an “evolution” towards the principles that Ron Paul espouses.  On what issues does Romney substantially agree with Ron Paul?  It seems to me that on every major issue, Romney actually agrees with someone we had eight years ago, George W. Bush.  Did the Bush presidency “evolve” us towards greater freedom?  Did electing a neocon in 2000 (complete with a GOP dominated House and Senate) get us closer to, or farther away from the principles of Ron Paul?

Do not buy into these lies.  Romney does NOT represent a slower path towards the same ends as Ron Paul.  He represents a slower path towards the same ends as Barack Obama.  He is in favor of state run medical care.  He believes that government stimulus is necessary to keep the economy going.  He is a complete believer in Keynesianism.  The “conservative” media wants you to believe that the guy who favors an income tax of 35% (Romney) is somehow closer to Ron Paul (who favors a 0% income tax) than he is to Barack Obama (who favors a 40% income tax).

Stand up to this nonsense.  Refuse to be suckered in by the appeasement platform of libertarians in name only.  If Ron Paul doesn’t run as an independent, either vote for Gary Johnson, or write him in.  Mitt Romney is NOT on our side.

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