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One Really Bad Reason To Support Abortion

I try not to get into “social issues” very much, mainly because they don’t interest me a whole lot.  The issue of abortion is particularly contentious, and is a rare example of an issue that cannot necessarily be easily decided … Continue reading

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Dude Where’s My Podcast – Episode 1

Big news guys!  I’m officially launching the Dude Where’s My Freedom podcast!  Episode one is available for your listening pleasure…. right now!  I’d really appreciate it if you listened and gave me some feedback, but just in case you don’t … Continue reading

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Remind People That The Politicians Don’t Matter

I spent some of this last weekend with an old friend who is generally well informed and aware of current political issues (unfortunately, we don’t agree on most of them).  He asked me if I had watched or listened to … Continue reading

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If Denmark Jumped Off A Bridge, Would You?

  Scandinavia’s Weakest Nation Finds Welfare Habits Too Costly – Bloomberg. I always find these stories to be quite interesting.  For decades, the American left has pointed to Europe in general, and Scandinavia in particular, of how great and wonderful … Continue reading

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