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Are Obligations to the Government Infinite?

Gather round, boys and girls, it’s analogy time! Scenario A:  You walk into an unfamiliar bar in a bad part of town.  You sit down at the bar, and the bartender approaches you and says, “Hey buddy, you look really … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage and Indifference

We Can Predict The Effects Of Seattle’s $15 An Hour Minimum Wage. In light of Seattle’s recent decision to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour, numerous free-market writers have done an excellent job detailing the long list of … Continue reading

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Article Roundup – 6/6/14

Winter Olympics Sports Socialism Goes Out of Fashion in the Free World – Hit & Run : Following the giant embarrassment in Sochi, they’re having a tough time convincing cities to spend tens of millions of dollars to host … Continue reading

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Screw The Rules – I’m A Marine!

Roseburg principal responds to questions about Marine uniform |  KVAL CBS 13. Stories like this annoy the hell out of me.  This type of thing happens every few years, where someone with a military affiliation (the article doesn’t mention whether … Continue reading

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Common Core Complaints Co-Opted

I’m starting to miss the good old days, when the only media coverage of “Common Core” consisted of Glenn Beck ranting about how it was a giant conspiracy led by Bill Gates to brainwash your children into buying Microsoft products.  … Continue reading

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Donald Sterling Proves Me Right

Originally, my plan was to completely ignore the Donald Sterling fiasco.  I considered this to be another non-story, hyped up by a bunch of sports “journalists” envious of their friends who work in “real” news.  To me, “old man continues … Continue reading

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Soccer Team Promotes War Criminal, Everyone Laughs

Columbus Crew fans welcome Atlanta to MLS with Civil War trash talk – I find this one to be utterly fascinating.  Major League Soccer just announced that it would be creating an expansion team in Atlanta.  How did the … Continue reading

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Ignorance As Protest

I’ve had a few people ask me what I think of the situation in Ukraine.  I’ve read a few articles discussing the “libertarian perspective” on Crimea.  But I haven’t said much about these issues myself, because I honestly just don’t … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart’s Worst Argument

I waited entirely too long to write this post, and now it’s no longer topical, but I did want to take a few moments to specifically address one of the points Jon Stewart continually brought up during his interview debate … Continue reading

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Article Roundup – 3/22/14

Belgium bans a wide range of sexist speech – The Volokh Consipracy. Here’s one for you, Belgium has just banned “sexist” speech.  One intrepid blogger points out that this is even more ridiculous than you think, because under Belgian law, … Continue reading

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